The Creative Process

  1. This is awesome.
  2. This is tricky.
  3. This is shit.
  4. I am shit.
  5. This might be ok.
  6. This is awesome.

Marcus Romer is a British stage director and actor. Until today you’d probably never heard of a single piece of work he’s done, but now he’s in your head too. With this list, he’s perfectly encapsulated the creative process (and the constant work of entrepreneurs). 

For me it’s true every day, sometimes every hour. For years it’s been a constant chunk of wisdom in front of me, like a sea anchor. Just like my clients, some days I ride scary waves, some days I fly with the wind, sometimes sit becalmed and try to make the most of that time.

A friend of Romer’s points out that the list is also applicable to “cookery, lovemaking and Ikea furniture assembly”. 

You’re welcome.