On Dithyrambs

Eventually, if you are setting yourself up in business to do a thing, you will have to think, write and talk about yourself and how very good you are at that thing, and put it out in the world. For an introvert, that is an exceptionally hard task. And yet, it is good homework, and I am nothing if not an enthusiastic learner. 

In the process of even deciding what to call the obligatory page-where-people-say-nice-things-about-your-work we came across the word dithyramb. For a word geek, this was like sparklers and champagne.


Oh, friends, it gets better.

Wikipedia teaches: 

“The dithyramb was an ancient Greek hymn sung and danced in honor of Dionysus, the god of wine and fertility”

and “A wildly enthusiastic speech or piece of writing is still occasionally described as dithyrambic”

and “In Athens, dithyrambs were sung by a Greek chorus of up to fifty men or boys dancing in circular formation”

Well. I appreciate Dionysus, and wine, and singing choruses and groups of men dancing as much as the next person, so I am delighted to find a way to use the word.

So, now I’ve done it. Get out of your comfort zone. Say something wildly enthusiastic about yourself, your work. Go do it for someone else. Be ok with praise and dancing and celebration!

And in deep gratitude for Sean and all the other teachers, coaches and cheerleaders who have helped this process along, I introduce the Bigger Tables website, Dani Black, Consultant-In-Chief, at your service.