Joe and Emily, Oval Park Grille, Durham NC - We are so grateful for having been connected with Dani.  This business can be exhilarating, rewarding, and incredibly daunting at times.  Dani has provided support throughout that roller-coaster ride.  Dani's experience provides an incredible perspective, and we have relied on that perspective to provide much needed "reality-checks", as well as for advice on how to address the various challenges running a restaurant can present.  In addition, Dani has been a tremendous resource for sound strategic and business advice, and has a way of conveying this advice in a truly thoughtful way that is as encouraging as it is beneficial.  Dani has a supporting and caring approach and - for us - she has been much more than a consultant, she is a friend.

anonymous - I have known Dani for nearly a decade and have had the pleasure of engaging her expertise on multiple occasions.... One of her talents is engaging in creative initiatives and solutions to challenges…

Nancy Gould, Piedmont Community College at Orange Correctional Center - Dani Black has been a guest speaker in my Food Service Technology Class for many years. … is a great teacher… helps rehabilitate my PCC students back into society.  

anonymous - … she immediately ensured that all of our food preparation areas, practices, trainings and policies met the highest level of compliance with food safety standards, and accomplished this while keeping the kitchen environment inviting and accessible to all…. She was integral in the opening of the kitchen in our new… program, from conceptualizing the functions in the space to the actual layout of all workflow and equipment. Similarly, she has designed the multi-kitchen arrangement in our new expanded space, with attention to all of the complexities of feeding patients, their family, and all staff.

Paul Klever, Executive Director, Charles House Association - This multi-month engagement established many improvements in the food service at Charles House and a system that continues today.... Dani brought a level of professionalism, based in practical knowledge from her experience as a chef, manager and restaurant owner.... I highly recommend (her) skills, knowledge and expertise in food service management, customer centered thinking, regulatory compliance, kitchen operations and organizational systems.

Tammy Holcomb, LPCS, CEDS, NBCCH, former Executive Director, Carolina House - You faced the challenge with passion, strength, knowledge, and a huge heart.  I never once saw you walk away from a challenge… You served as a leader in the kitchen, garden, boardroom, and any other setting you happened to be thrown into for the day… While you showed a strong understanding of the importance of meeting state and county health requirements, you also always made people feel at home.


Walking Fish, Community Supported Fishery - Not only does Dani's work reflect the sort of community that we want to support, but she is also a talented chef..... We are excited to have her and her sous chef, Derek Treuer, represent us in Washington... Dani and Derek put on a performance and prepared a menu that made us proud of our North Carolina presence at the (NOAA) Fish Fry. They were organized, poised and skilled. They prepared an outstanding dish of shrimp and triggerfish that embodied the region's cuisine... The Fish Fry was a a resounding success thanks to your culinary creativity, planning, passion and hard work.

Carla Norwood, Warren FoodWorks, Warrenton NC - Dani was recommended by a colleague when I was looking for help in improving the operations of our small coffee shop/cafe.  She helped me to visualize more efficient ways to utilize our small cafe space and to develop simple, pleasing recipes that highlighted local ingredients.  She was insightful about restaurant operations and brought a clear-eyed perspective to our decision making process.  I would definitely work with Dani again.

anonymous - (Dani) added tremendous value to both the organization and her team through her expertise in Culinary Programming, Clinical Kitchen Design, Culinary Staff Development, patient culinary education and by being incredibly versatile.... She has developed and implemented ideas, practices and kitchen designs for our continuously evolving organization and navigated the numerous and monumental challenges that come with rapidly growing an organization while doing so.

anonymous - Dani is clearly a very gifted culinary visionary and kitchen design expert... You can see evidenced in her work, a solid understanding of what it takes to run an efficient kitchen that also meets the exceptionally important clinical needs of our patients.

Caitlin & Tom B. -"We're just getting started exploring the idea of a food truck business and Dani graciously took the time to start us on our path. She's a great listener! She has dozens of resources and knows exactly what to recommend for the stage you are at. We'll be back for consulting when we run into new questions and flesh out our ideas!"


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