~ Why Should You Hire A Consultant?

  • You’re thinking about starting, buying or funding a food-related business, and considering all your options. What’s the climate, what’s your dream, what would it take to succeed?
  • You’re all in, and ready to do more of whatever it is you’re already doing.
  • You’re smart, capable and confident, but sometimes you need expert assistance to master things you’re uncertain of, or just don’t have time to figure out.
  • There’s something just not right that you feel like you should be able to get a handle on, but you need someone outside your bubble to cut through the clutter and the chattering monkeys, and tell you what’s what.
  • You’ve got a serious problem you don’t even know how to talk to someone about. Are you missing your financial goals, unhappy with the way things are turning out, struggling to stay in the game? You need a confidential, objective, clear-eyed point of view to help you find your way forward.
  • There’s an important project you desperately need done, but you can’t get your head above water. You need someone to take on a project and bring it back done!
  • Daily operations take up all your time and energy, but you need to be working and thinking strategically!
  • You are in crisis mode, and need someone who will help you bail, work with you to right the ship, without judging.
  • You’re at a dead-end, a crossroads, or a can’t-miss opportunity, and need some independent advice or information-gathering to help you make the right decisions and take action.

Working with a seasoned consultant is a way to leverage the strengths you already have, to get you where you want to be. See consulting a la carte for specific pieces of work that might be helpful to you.

~ How Does It Work?

We’ll do a free 30 minute assessment, a friendly conversation over coffee or via skype where we discuss your needs, as well as rates and calendars.

If we’re not a good fit for any reason, or if you need expertise I don’t have, I’ll help you find alternative resources.

If it seems like work that I’m suited for and you want to proceed, then the meter starts running. We’ll meet again to dig deeper, throw everything on the table, define the issues as specifically and clearly as possible. We’ll tease out any underlying issues, chart a course.

For most short- and mid-term projects, there is no contract: we work together or on 'homework' by the hour. I will follow up with a confirmation of the work that needs to be done, the results expected, and a rough estimate of the time involved. This might include reviewing documents, conversations in person, by phone or skype, or time spent observing or working with you or your crew on site. We agree to goals, rates and schedule and I get to work.

There is a fee, which we will discuss beforehand, for this planning meeting and preparation of the confirmation, based on the complexity of the work at hand.

We check in as often as needed, at least weekly, and you are always in control of the costs.

You are paying for my time, and my experience, knowledge, viewpoint. If ever either one of us feels you are not getting your money’s worth, we will stop working together, settle up, and shake hands. It’s that simple. Relationships built over time are much more important to me than nickel-and-diming.

You get a bill at the end of the month for work to date. Checks, cash, rolled coins are all fine, barter may be an option as well.

If you are pleased with my work, I always appreciate an encouraging word of referral, and hope you’ll be willing to serve as a reference. Often people who have not worked with a consultant don't know what to expect, and hearing your experience is super-helpful. For a number of reasons, some clients might prefer for our work to remain confidential, and I respect that, too. The work we do (and the information we share) is always confidential.

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